The Secret of Past Lives ► 11 ►Brutal Murder and Mohini Devi ► A cow in the previous birth: Pawan Devi Juniwal

Posted: 22.09.2017

Preksha Meditation camp was organized. This was specially for experiencing and recalling the incidents of previous birth. It was Saturday, 11th April, 1998. It was full moon that day. Muni Kishanlal helped in following the procedure of experiencing the incidents of previous birth. He said, "Look into the mirror. See your reflection. Concentrate on it for 30 minutes. Continue to stare so that the eyelids remain straight. After 30 minutes, try to look through the third eye. Try to concentrate on the power point. You will see bright white colour. Then he suggested to try recalling the past and journey through it. As the suggestions came, I visualized. Muni Shri said, "Who am I? From where did I come from? Try to give this auto suggestion and try to look into the past." Gradually I realized who I was in my previous birth. I saw a white cow in the jungle. She was very thin, lean, white docile cow. I realized that I was also thin, lean and very docile. I felt that the basic nature continues to have its influence even in the next birth. One finds oneself in certain situations or circumstances as per the deeds in previous birth. There is gradual accumulation of deeds of previous birth. I was always occupied with the thought, "Who am I? Where do I have to go? This body is transient. Every time a number of cells get destroyed, new cells are generated. Only the soul is linked to the concept of enlightenment. The rest are only thoughts that float and disappear. They are coincidences. Life is temporary. Once you recall your previous birth you can find what you were and what you are. This gives a clear indication that the life is transient, mortal. Nothing is stationary.

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