The Secret of Past Lives ► 12 ►Preksha Meditation and Recollection of the Previous Birth ► I could experience the incidents of previous birth

Posted: 25.09.2017

Preksha Meditation offers peace, health and a new direction in life. I was overwhelmed by the unique experience of meditation. The procedure is very simple and natural. Anyone who understands can do it. I went deep into the meditation. I felt as if I was standing near ladder. My mind was at peace. I tried to question myself 'Who am I'? I got an answer 'monk'. I saw a line of monks standing before me. I had come from there. I could see a city.

I went deeper into the meditation. I found myself in Egypt. I was a priestess. I could see a pyramid and a number of temples. I am offering worship in these temples. Thus I delved deep and found myself as a woman wearing black clothes. I asked, "What is your name?" She replied, "Maria".

I was standing before a cross. I am just surprised and dumbfounded by such experiences. Muni Kishanlal has special skills in making people experience their past. I myself felt at peace and there was piety that descended on me. I feel light. I am really grateful towards them and felt blessed.

- Russian Pini Love

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