The Secret of Past Lives ► 12 ►Preksha Meditation and Recollection of the Previous Birth ► I saw myself as a deity- Lila Shofer

Posted: 27.09.2017

I had practiced different kinds of meditation. I had complete concentration and there was the feeling of piety in me. Only meditation can offer such kind of experiences that is bliss. I feel myself to be fortunate that I could participate in the international camp on Preksha Meditation. I feel blessed because due to this exercise, I was able to know about my past birth.

I was a deity clad in white clothes and flying high in the sky. Though I came down to earth but I am compelled to go back to sky. While returning I felt I cannot stay on, I have to return. I was feeling sad.

Sad, because one of my sons was human. I had to leave him and so cried out my heart. But at the end I took leave of him and turned towards the abode of the Lord. I was alone. I could identify those places of earth where I had been but it was beyond my reach now. I belonged to the land of devas whereas my son's abode was Earth. I heard the mantra 'OM Shanti' chanted by Muni Shri Kishanlal. I returned, bowed before Muni Shri and everyone felt grateful for such unique experience.

Lila Shofer, Kazakhstan
Translator - Maria

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