The Secret of Past Lives ► 12 ►Preksha Meditation and Recollection of the Previous Birth ► The experience of Karuna of Berlin (Carla Geerdes)

Posted: 30.09.2017

Carla is a journalist in Germany. She trained herself in Preksha Meditation. She saw Ladnun hillock in her dream. When she told her dream to her husband, he proposed her to travel on her own to India.[1] First she was hesitating, but finally she decided to go there for study of meditation. She came to India with a happy frame of mind. She says:

She was a minister in Egypt -

An international camp for Preksha Meditation was held in Surat on 14th October, 2003. Experiences during the course of meditation under the guidance of Muni Shri Kishanlal.

Muni Shri instructed us to concentrate on the chakras. Muni Shri had closed his eyes and he was in deep meditation. There were nearly 100 participants in the camp. I was one among them. As directed, I kept my eyes open and continued my attention on Muni Shri. All of a sudden I saw that there was radiance of white and golden colour and he seemed to be seated on a chair but floating a few inches above the ground. I saw another face on his as if it was superimposed. The face resembled the face of Pharaoh Aminophis II of Egypt who ruled some 3500 years ago. His statue can be seen in London in the British Museum. I could immediately make a guess what Muni Shri was in his previous birth and how I was connected to him. He was the king and I was his minister. I was in charge of the administration of the kingdom. My eyes were open. I was sure that we were good friends. While I was visualizing I could see many faces. I had not seen such faces before. How human beings evolved? Such were questions. I could see half humans and half animals walking on two legs. These visuals passed in quick succession. Though they looked different there were similarities also. Then we were asked to close our eyes. The moment I closed my eyes there was a flash of light. I could see the ship Santa Maria of Christopher Columbus was moving ahead in the sea and trying to reach the shore. Then I saw a cave in the Himalayas where many ascetics were sitting in deep meditation. All of a sudden a space shuttle descended. A bright golden figure descended from it and blessed me.

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