The Secret of Past Lives ► 13 ►The Manner of Knowing the Previous Birth through Preksha ► To Firm up the Resolve

Posted: 06.10.2017

Sitting in a comfortable posture, make the environment conducive by reciting araham. Place the left hand on the navel and the right hand open and four fingers above the right knee. Concentrate on the breath. Make a cycle of a long deep breath and a complete stop where the breath is held. Let them be equal in lengths. Alongside suggest that with the deep breaths, pran is being activated. Feel its flow from the thumb to the index finger and from there to the middle finger, then to the next and the last till the entire hand is full of vibrant energy. Repeat this process till you start feeling a sensation in your hands. As you progress you will not feel the physical hand. At that time imagine mentally that the subtle hand is rising to touch the space between the brows, the agya chakra. The agya chakra is the third eye, the inner eye, the entry to move within. As soon as the subtle hand touches the agya chakra, one enters into meditation. An inexpressible peace settles within. At least for fifteen minutes one should meditate to get to this stage. According to one's convenience the period can be increased.

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