The Secret of Past Lives ► 13 ►The Manner of Knowing the Previous Birth through Preksha ► Practicing Pran

Posted: 07.10.2017

To practice this stage one has to stand in Kayotsarg mudra. Closing the eyes gently, the whole body is imagined as a lotus stem with a multi petalled lotus blooming in the forehead. The thousand petalled lotus and the stem are experienced. All the atoms of pran spread across the entire Universe are drawn into the thousand- petalled lotus. It is imagined that the lotus and its stem are packed with lots and lots of energy from the Universe. With greater imagination, more energy is experienced as being filled into the lotus and its stem. There is uniformity and flow in the process of filling the lotus and its stem. On completion of packing the lotus and its stem with pran, one starts releasing the pran in the body from left hand side bottom. Then from the left it is moved to the right and it starts rising again. A ring is formed. In the lotus stem and flower, pran is becoming active. In the other cycle, moving from the forehead, to the agya chakra, throat, heart, Manipur chakra, muladhar, rajju, pran is racing to the sahasrar chakra. The cycles of pran are touching each other at the forehead and at the feet. This fills the lotus stem with a kind of magnetic property attracting more and more energy filling the body in turn with such energy, thus the karmic body shrinks. This cycles function like a dynamo. The flow of electricity in the dynamo makes the central piece of iron acquires magnetic properties. Its attraction automatically draws other iron pieces towards it. When the lotus stem acquires more energy it automatically starts flowing into the body. The lotus stem is like an iron pillar and the disc located at the sahsrara.

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