The Secret of Past Lives: To enter the idea of difference between the body and the soul by understanding the elements of nature

Published: 09.10.2017

The element of prithvi or earth: The elements are but manifestations of emotions of mental states. The tradition of going into meditation through the elements is prevalent in the Jain tradition.

Four elements: of the earth, of fire, of the wind and of water. When using this method, first settle down in a comfortable posture and close your eyes gently. By reciting 'arham' three times, suggest that the environment has become conducive to the elements. Now imagine that you are in meditation on the top of a mountain peak. The environment is peaceful. The mountains, the grass growing on them, the greenery, the creepers are all green and pleasing to the eye. The vegetation of the area is bamboo, planted far and wide. There are many mountain peaks within view. There are waterfalls gurgling between the caves and the mountain peaks. It is trying to fill your ears with its gurgle. Now imagine you yourself are the mountain.

The element of fire or agni: In the bamboo groves as one bamboo sways, it touches another and sparks fly with the friction. Soon they catch fire. Fire spreads rapidly and soon the mountain is like a mountain of fire. Trees, creepers, shrubs grass, everything is burning. The sky is completely covered with smoke. Everything was burning in the heat of the fire.

Experiencing the stillness of the body, imagine that from the navel, light and energy is emanating. That tender fire is burning up the karmic body, the body filled with desires, conflicts, sorrows etc. All that remains are its ashes. All the karmas that block right knowledge and right perspective have been burnt down. Even karma has been burnt to ashes.

The element of wind, maruti: The wind starts gathering speed. It is blowing towards he mountain with unrestrained speed. The ash on the mountain top begins to fly. The mountain is cleaned up. Similarly the ashes in the consciousness after the burning of the karmic body and etc., is cleaned up. Consciousness is returning to its original state.

The element of water, varuni: The skies fill up with dark clouds. With every exhaled and inhaled breath clouds turn black and full. With a deafening thunder, lightning strikes. It starts raining and in the waters of the rain the ashes are washed away. The karmic ashes on the soul is also cleansed. The soul is established in purity.

In the natural state: The natural state is for the soul to remain in this state of purity. In the pure and brilliant soul, without the karmic body, the divine manifests quickly.


Title: The Secret of Past Lives
Authors: Muni Kishan Lal
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 2017

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