The Secret of Past Lives ► 13 ►The Manner of Knowing the Previous Birth through Preksha ► Fourth step: Jyotikendra Preksha (Perception of Centre of Enlightenment)

Posted: 29.10.2017

Concentrate your conscious mind at the middle of the forehead.

Visualize bright white colour over there. Visualize that the full moon is rising and it's bright while radiations are descending on the Centre of Enlightenment. Practise concentrated visualization of bright white colour on the Centre of Enlightenment.

Experience that anger is going away. Emotions and passions are being pacified. Excitations are subsiding.

After two to three minutes, allow your mind to spread throughout the forehead and perceive the bright white colour there.

Experience that white particles are entering the forehead.

The whole portion of forehead is covered with bright white particles.

Experience the Peace of mind and inner Bliss.

Conclude the Dhyan session with two or three long breaths.

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