The Secret of Past Lives ► 13 ►The Manner of Knowing the Previous Birth through Preksha ► Contemplation of Tolerance

Posted: 04.11.2017
  1. Select a Postur.
  2. Mahapran Dhvani (6 times)
  3. Kayotsarg (5 minutes)
  4. Perception and Contemplation
  • Visualize particles of blue colour around you. Take a breath of bright blue colour (similar to the colour of a peacock's neck). Experience that with each and every breath. Blue coloured particles are entering your body.
  • Concentrate your conscious mind on Vishuddhi Kendra (Centre of Purity) situated in the middle of the throat and visualize bright blue colour on this Centre.
  • Now shift your attention to the Jyoti Kendra (Centre of Enlightenment), situated in the middle of the forehead and contemplate —
    -My tolerance power is being reinforced.
    -My equanimity is increasing.
  • Repeat these sentences aloud nine times.
  • Now mentally repeat the same sentences nine times.
  • To acquire this virtue at different levels, now contemplate—

a. Physical sensation such as —

  • Sensation of seasonal changes
  • Sensation produced by disease

b. Mental sensation such as—

  • Sensation of pleasure and pain
  • Sensation of comfort and discomfort

c. Emotional sensation such as

  • Opposing views
  • Opposing nature
  • Opposing interests (taste)
  • All these sensations affect me, but I should not be swayed away by them (influenced by them).
  • If I am influenced by them, it would inhibit my abilities. Lesser I am affected, greater would be my strength.
  • Therefore, development of tolerance is the key to success in my life (10 minutes).

     5. Conclude Dhyan session with recitation of Mahapran Dhvani (6 times).

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