The Secret of Past Lives ► 13 ►The Manner of Knowing the Previous Birth through Preksha ► Contemplation of Gentleness

Posted: 05.11.2017
  1. Select a Posture
  2. Mahapran Dhvani (6 times)
  3. Kayotsarg (5 minutes)
  4. Perception and Contemplation
  • Visualize the particles of bright green colour (like colour of emerald) around you. Feel that you are inhaling the bright green particles. Experience that with each and every breath, bright green coloured particles are entering your body.
  • Concentrate your conscious-mind on Darshan kendra (Centre of Intuition) situated between the eyebrows and visualize bright green colour on this centre (3 minutes).
  • Now shift your attention to the Shanti kendra (centre of Peace) and contemplate.
    • The feeling of humbleness is being developed.
    • The instinct of ego is diminishing.
    Repeat these sentences aloud nine times. Mentally repeat these sentences nine times.
  • Reflect on Virtues of Gentleness
  • I must behave gently with a person or a thing.
  • I must be humble before the truth and forbear to insist that only I am right.
  • I must avoid self-exhibition.
  • To pay gratefulness to offer thanks and to support the right inclination is an important element for success in life.
  • To feel regret for mistakes and ask for forgiveness for improper behaviour is the way to righteousness. I will remain aware in this regard.
  • Conclude dhyan with the recitation of Mahapran Dhvani (6 times).
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