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Posted: 17.08.2017

Jain Center of Greater Boston

Paryushan and Das Laxan Parva Program

Jai Jinendra,

Paryushan Parva starts this Friday followed by the Das Laxan Parva. Following are the details of the Paryushan and Das Laxan Parva programs at the Jain Center of Greater Boston.

Please note: The regularly scheduled Swadhyay session on Mondays has been cancelled until the Parvas are complete. It will resume on Monday, September 11.

Paryushan Parv: August 18th Friday through August 25th, Friday

Das Lakshan Parv: August 26, Saturday through September 5th, Tuesday

Pathshala Puja: August 27, Sunday

Paryushan/Das-Lakshan Celebration: September 9, Saturday

Invited Scholars and Pravachan Topics
The invited scholar during Paryushan Parv is Sadhvi Dr. Sahejaji. Pravachans will be in Gujarati. There will be two Pravachans everyday - one in the morning and second in the evening.

Morning Pravachans will cover "Loggass Sutra Vivechan" under the headings of:
1st day.......Dehalay Me Devalay
2nd day......Devalay Me Vishvalay
3rd day.......Vishvalay Me Svavilay
4th day.......Svavilay Me Nijalay
5th day.......Nijalay Me Svaralay
6th day.......Svaralay Me Jinalay
7th day...... Jinalay Me Aatmavilay
8th day........Aatmavilay MeParmatma

Evening Pravachans - All evening Pravachans are about Life of Lord Mahavir from different angles under the headings of:
1st evening.........Khoj Teri Moj Meri
2nd evening........Mahavir Ne Japa the Mantra
3rd evening.........Dravya - Bhav - Prabhav
4th evening.........Mahavir Ke Code No.
5th evening.........Sarnam Pavajjami
6th evening.........Pratikraman
7th evening.........Priyatam Prabhu! Mere Aatma Me Baso
8th evening.........Paravani Ke Strot: "Mahavir"

The invited scholar during Das Lakshan Parv is Dr. Tikamchandji Jain. Pravachans will be in Hindi.

Morning Pravchans will be open discussion -questions- answers etc.
Evening Pravchans will be in swadhaya type format covering Panchastika book after 15-20 minutes of pravachan on each day of Dharm. Limited  no of Panchastika book will be available for members to follow the Pravchans.

Click here for detailed schedule of daily Paryushan and Das Laxan Parva programs

Swami Vatsalya

  • Weekdays - Lunch, sponsored by JCGB Members will be served during Paryushan Parv only. Please call Rasik Vagadia (508-740-7816 cell) if you are interested in sponsoring any of these lunches. The cost is $250 each.
  • Weekends and Public Holidays - Lunch will be served as noted in the program. Please contact any EC member if you are interested in sponsoring any of these lunches. The cost is $1000. It can be shared by multiple families.
  • Paryushan/Das-Laxan Celebration on Saturday, September 9 - Dinner will be served. We invite one or more families to sponsor Swami Vatsalya. Cost is $2500. It can be shared by multiple families.


Lunch will be served on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). RSVP is required. Please provide the number of attendees for each weekend day using the RSVP link below.


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