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Samani Pratibha Pragya

Samani Unnata Pragya

Jain Vishva Bharati London

Om Arham

We are blessed to have Prof. Samani Kusum Pragyaji, Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragyaji & Samani Unnata Pragyaji to celebrate the holy festival of Paryushan with the London community. 

The meaning of Paryushana:

The word “Paryushan” has different interpretations:

  1. Pari + Vasan = ‘Pari’ means from all sides and ‘vasan’ means to stay. Here Paryushana means to stay closer to our own soul from all directions.
  2. Another interpretation is - Pari + Ushan = ‘ushan’ which means “to burn” therefore Paryushan means shedding or burning our all bad karma.
  3. The word ‘Paryupashamana’ is also used for Paryushan. Therefore a third interpretation is Pari + Upshamana = upshamana which means “to suppress” referring to suppressing negative emotion such as anger, ego, deceit and greed.

The collective meaning of Paryushan is to purify the soul by staying closer to it, shedding bad karma and suppressing negative thought, word or deed.

The most important part of Paryushan is the practice of daily meditation and prayer providing an opportunity to look inward and outward, towards the teachings of the enlightened Jain Tirthankaras, for religious guidance

All are welcome to come along with your friends and family for self purification and to spiritually uplift yourselves in the presence of Jain nuns. 

Details of the programme are as under

2017.08.18 JVB London Paryushan Programme
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