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Posted: 18.08.2017


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Jaina Education - News Letter August 2017

For the upcoming occasion of Paryushana Parva and Das Lakshan Parva, we sincerely request for forgiveness if we may have hurt your feelings by thoughts, words or actions, knowingly or unknowingly.



Rajesh and Dimple Salecha and Pravin K and Arti Shah
Members of Jaina Education Committee and
Members of Jain eLibrary Project
Members of JAB committee


Paryushana and Das Lakshan Parva Literature - August 2017


Literature of Paryushana and Das Lakshan Parva


The Jain eLibrary website (http://www.jainelibrary.org) contains about 21000 books, Articles, and few audio and ritual files.  In 8 years, more than 52,000 people have registered their e-mails to use Jain elibrary and they have downloaded more than 660,000 times Books and Articles. 

The total number of visitors exceeded 2.0 million in 8 years.


The eLibrary consist various pratikraman vidhi books of several sects of Jainism.  It has also audio (mp3) files of daily pratikramans and Samvatsari pratikramans of some traditions.  For our English speaking youth and adults, it contains English pratikraman in text as well as in audio files.

During the Paryushana and Das Lakshan Parva celebration, if you need any literature, please go to Jain eLibrary website and search on various words such as:

Pratikraman, Paryushan, Das Lakshana, Samvatsari, Kalpasutra, Vidhi, etc..


Selected Paryushana and Daslakshana Literature Link

The following link provides selected Paryushana and Daslakshana literature of eLibrary website.  It includes MP3 and Text files of English Pratikraman, Samvatsari Pratikraman, Daily Pratikraman of various sects.  Also in literature it contains Kalpasutra,  Das-Lakshna Parva, Pratikramans Vidhi and more:


If you have any suggestions to add any literature in the list from current eLibrary books, please send us an e-mail (jainaedu(at)gmail.com) indicating the name and serial number of the book/article. 

Also if you have a pdf file related to Paryushan/Daslakshana parva, please send us the file.  Please make sure that there are no parameters are locked before you send the file to upload on the website.  We do not accept a pdf file which contains any lock parameter for Jain eLibrary project.

Jaina Education Committee’s Request for your Financial Support


The success of Jaina Education Päthashälä Books, eLibrary, and JAB activities are well known to all of you.

All Jaina Education Committee, eLibrary project, and JAB committee members are volunteers.  However our eLibrary scanning activity, Pathshala book design, layout activity, Website expenses, book deficit etc.. adds up to about $30,000 per year.

If you would like to contribute using credit card in US $ or in Indian rupees, please use the following link located in Jain eLibrary website:


If you would to contribute by Check (US dollars), please write to Jaina Education and mail it at following address.  (Do not mail your contribution directly to the JAINA Headquarters.  The committee needs to keep proper record before it is deposited).

Jaina Education

509 Carriage Woods Circle

Raleigh, NC 27607 USA

+1-919-859-4994, jainaedu(at)gmail.com



Jaina Education Committee

Jain eLibrary Project

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