Jeevan Vigyan in The Prayer Assembly

Posted: 20.08.2017
Updated on: 22.12.2017


Jeevan Vigyan in The Prayer Assembly 01

Prayer is an expression of creative thoughts of a person. It is not merely a ritual but the  determination of awakened mind. Since   prayer fulfils   that  determination,   it   has  become customary in the schools to become the work after offering the prayer.

Our mind  has three parts, first  is conscious mind, second is subconscious mind and the third is unconscious. Child uses his conscious mind when he studies. Mind wanders due to lack of concentration and  its  preoccupation. At  that point  of  time, BHAVKRIYA is broken. During the state of Bhavkriya, mind gets absorbed in  that action. Study  is not possible  when mind is absorbed in dreams  and imagination. Concentration and  the absorption in to that is essential  for the studies. The state of Bhavkriya  occurs when  the student  remains  conscious and performs everything knowingly.

Stepsfor Concentration and Mindfulness:

  1. Prayer
  2. Asana (Posture)
  3. Mahapranadhwani
  4. Perception of long breath
  5. Kayotsarg i.e. relaxation
  6. Perceptionof gyan kendra
  7. Determinationor  Resoluteness 
  8. Obeiscience of truth


Jeevan Vigyan in The Prayer Assembly


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Jeevan Vigyan in The Prayer Assembly

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