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Posted: 24.08.2017



Samani Pratibha Pragya

Samani Unnata Pragya

Jain Vishva Bharati London

Om Arham

We have been having immensely spiritually uplifting Paryushan with Prof. Samani Kusum Pragyaji, Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragyaji & Samani Unnata Pragyaji. 
With only 4 more days remaining we urge you to attend any of the meditation sessions, discourses or Pratikraman that may suit you.
In particular, try to get a flavour of any of the following highly recommended events (further details outlined in the posters below):
1) At least 1 day of Nav Graha Shanti led by Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragyaji in English, from 6.15am - 7.15am at 555 Kenton Road, HA3 9NR
Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragyaji has done her PhD on Preksha Meditation and she will explain the various centres of consciousness related to the different planetary configuration within our own bodies and how to activate them with colour and mantras.  
2) Any of the remaining morning or evening talks by Prof. Samani Kusum Pragyaji at North London Grammar School. She is one of the senior most Samanijis of the Samani order who has spent decades studying and researching the Jain scriptures. Her talks in Hindi are very stimulating, interspersed with her melodious songs with plenty of anecdotes and personal experiences. She has been giving various tips and suggestions daily using various mantras, contemplations and exercises for our well being and leading a well balanced and holistic lifestyle. Come to find out what further tips and mantras she will advise for our benefit. Her talks are generic and will be of interest to people from any faiths or background.

3) On Thursday 24 August evening, you could attend Evening Hindi or English Pratikraman (both of them separately led by Respected Samanijis) from 7pm - 8pm at North London Grammar School, 110 Colindeep Lane, NW9 6HB, followed by Bhakti by Saggar Malde & team ("mini orchestera"). Those of you who have listened to his sonorous Stavanavali concert will know that this soul stirring stavans and prayers is an event definitely not worth missing. 

Details of the programme are as under:

2017.08.18-26 JVB London Paryushan

Details of various Daily activities and events during the Paryushan period at Mahavir Foundation in the presence of Dr. Samani Pratibha Pragyaji and Dr. Amal Pragyaji is as follows:

2017.08.18-26 JVB London Paryushan 2