08.09.2017 ►JCGB ►Level 6 Pathshala Announcement - for Young Professionals/Adults

Posted: 08.09.2017

Jain Center of Greater Boston

Jai Jinendra
Jain Center of Greater Boston Pathshala is announcing the starting of Level 6 English Pathshala for young professionals/adults. This Pathshala will focus on Jainism and science, philosophy, and Jain Way of Life. The team will have an opportunity to work on a new and exciting museum project. Level 6 team will be supporting in the design and innovation of a $30 million Jain Museum being built near Pune by Firodia trust.
Prerequisite to be part of this team is inquisitiveness, creativity, and passion for learning and sharing. You will develop public speaking, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills. If you are interested in being part of this team and Pathshala level 6, please come to JCGB this Sunday, Sept. 10th at 10:00 am or contact Yogendra at yokjain(at)gmail.com. Pathshala takes place on the first Sunday of every month at 10:00 am. The Pathshala will be led by Yogendra Jain, author of Jain Way of Life - A Guide to Compassionate, Happy, and Health Living. Level 6 teams in the past have done “out of the box” groundbreaking projects, including Tattvarth Sutra: Ancient Scriptures Come Alive, Comparative Religion, Essence of Jainism, Rebranding and Repackaging Jainism, Discovery of the Soul, Strengthening of Faith, Measuring JWOL Progress, Jainism and Science, Elevator Pitch, and AM/PM Jain Meditation.
For more information, please contact
Yogendra Jain at yokjain(at)gmail.com.
Prity Turkhia, JCGB Pathshala Director at prityt100(at)hotmail.com.
Thank you.

Prity Turkhia
Pathshala Director

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