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Posted: 12.09.2017

Health is Wealth means that health is a real wealth. The biggest asset during a crisis is a healthy body. A healthy body makes all hindrances seem surmountable and any goal achievable. Actions performed are a synchronization of body and mind. When a healthy body is aided by a calm and healthy mind then depending upon his efficiency and capability man can reach the pinnacle of success in any sphere of life.

Man is capable of performing astonishing feats but in reality his main purpose in life is to develop himself, his society and his country. Only a healthy and strong body and mind can aid him in this aim. To uproot all the malpractices prevalent in society and to help himself grow as a human being he will have to perform tasks that will assist in the well being of the general population. He will have to develop values and help one and all become physically and mentally powerful.

It is now time for a human being to think how can he uplift himself and his soul. True upliftment has to be found when the soul still exists within the body. He has to put in every possible effort to foster all round development. A human being possess divine powers and through his good deeds he can uplift himself or destroy himself through his evil deeds. It is very important for a person to have his own identity. Misusing his divine powers, a person can destroy the life of another person or through his good conduct and good deeds bring positivity in the life of another being. By spending a few thoughtful moments with himself he will come to the conclusion that the true purpose of his time here is the attainment of those divine powers which will help establish a stronger and happier society. When such thoughts arise it will become very important for man to make himself physically fit. Such positive thoughts can only arise in a mind that is healthy and a healthy mind can exist only in a healthy body.

An unhealthy mind can give rise to a variety of complexes which will undoubtedly hamper progress. To get rid of these complexes and to become physically able there are a number of easy and practical asanas and pranayams which are described in detail in the coming chapters.

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