Journey into Jain Aagam ► Change Of Heart

Posted: 21.11.2017

Once, there was a famous city named Champa and there lived Palit, a well versed scholar of Jain philosophy. He had great faith in Lord Mahavira. He was a flourishing tradesman. Once, he went out for a sea voyage in connection with his trade.

He reached the city of Pihandu and decided to stay there for some time to sell his goods. Impressed by his cleverness and good behavior, a trader of Pihandu got his daughter married to him. He stayed there for sometime and then started his journey back to his country. His wife gave birth to a lovely boy child during the voyage. The child was named Samudrapaal.

The child grew up in great comfort and learnt dexterity in every walk of life. When he grew up, he was married to a beautiful girl named Rupini. He began to lead a very enjoyable and satisfactory life with his wife.

Once, Samudrapaal was sitting by the small window of his palace, admiring the beauty of the city. He suddenly saw a man dressed for execution, being led by the soldiers. Agitated by this sight, Samudrapaal uttered, "Is this the result of his bad deeds?" He then began to think about his own good

Samudrapaal realises the fact of bad action on seeing the man led by the soldiers for execution.

He practiced meditation, which helped him to destroy his karma and become emancipated.

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