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Posted: 24.11.2017

Acharya Saagar, along with his disciples, was staying in Swarnbhumi, now known as Indonesia. His Guru, Acharya Kaalak was staying in Ujjaini in India. One day, a thought flashed in Acharya Kaalak's mind. He felt that all his disciples were losing their faith in Aagams. Neither did they study the Aagams nor did they concentrate on their true meaning. He realized that by coaxing them to study, he was getting entangled in new Karmas himself. Therefore, he set off for Swarnbhumi and joined the Sangh of Acharya Saagar. But Acharya Saagar did not recognize his guru. One day Acharya Saagar asked the old monk, that is, Acharya Kaalak, "Do you understand what I teach you?" The monk replied, "Yes". At this Acharya Saagar was filled with pride.

On the other hand, the disciples of Acharya Kaalak reached Swarnbhumi in search of him.

Acharya Saagar apologizing Acharya Kaalak and later telling him to never be proud

They immediately recognized the old monk as Acharya Kaalak. When Acharya Saagar came to know the truth, he apologized repeatedly and asked, "Did you like my method of teaching?" Acharya Kaalak said, "Yes, your teaching method is good but never be proud of it. There are many scholars wiser than you in this world." Acharya Saagar understood everything. He realized that because of his pride, he was losing the knowledge, which he had so laboriously gained.

The simple lesson to remember is that if we want success in life, we should always be open to new ideas and should have the willingness to learn more. Remembering the fact that we should never be proud of our achievements. It is correctly said that 'Pride comes before a fall'. Moreover knowledge shared is knowledge gained.

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