Journey into Jain Aagam ► Real Wealth

Posted: 08.12.2017

There was a merchant who had three sons. Giving one thousand gold coins to each one, he said, 'You do your own business with this money and after certain period, come back with the money which you will earn." Getting the order, all of them left for their business. They reached a town and stayed separately.

All the three sons left their father's house and thinking the way to spend their money.

One of them started his business. He lived a simple life and spent less money on food etc. Thus, he collected more money. The second son deposited the money and spent his livelihood by the interest, which he got. The third one did not start his business. He spent his money on nourishing his body and washed it in addictions.

The three of them reached their home on time. Their father asked them about their business. The son who wasted the money was appointed at the place of a servant. The son who saved the money given by his father was entrusted to the housework. And the son who increased the wealth more than what was given by his father; was given the responsibility of the house and business.

Human-birth is our real wealth. To take birth in heaven is our profit and to live it meaninglessly is our loss.

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