Journey into Jain Aagam ► Fear Leads To Destruction

Posted: 16.12.2017

One day, Epidemic, mounted on his horse, was galloping away in a great hurry. He came across a man. The man stopped him and asked, "Who are you?" He replied, "I am Epidemic." Hearing this, the man became frightened and further asked, "Where are you going and why?" Epidemic replied that he was going to a certain city to kill one thousand people.

Epidemic telling the man that he was going to kill one thousand people.

After a few days, when Epidemic was returning, he accidentally met the same man again. The man asked, "You had told me that you would kill only one thousand persons but the number of dead people has reached five thousand. Why did you tell a lie?" Epidemic replied, "I didn't lie to you. Personally, I have killed only one thousand persons. The remaining four thousand died on their own due to fear. I have nothing to do with their death."

Many a people die simply because of fear and those who are fearless lead a long life.


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