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Posted: 12.10.2017


(Camel Posture)

While assuming this asana the posture of practitioner resembles a camel and hence name Ushtrasana (Ushtra meaning camel).While practicing Paschimotasana spine is bent in front but during practice of this asana spine is bent backwards. As stretch is in opposite direction, all organs connected to spine remain balanced.


Stand on mat. Come down on knees and point toes outwards. The distance between knees should be same as distance between shoulders. Spread arms out in front with palms facing down and keep body upto knees straight. Bend chest, neck and head backwards as far as you can. Take hands over head and place them on soles and hold heels. Expand chest and abdomen according to capacity.


At onset, time for practice of this asana should be half a minute only. On attaining perfection time can be increased upto 3 minutes. Inhale deeply when hands are on heels. When touching heels, inhale deeply.


Patients with heart ailments and spinal problems should not practice this asana.

Effect on Health

Spine is an important organ of body. With regular practice of this asana, spine is rejuvenated. It is strengthened and becomes flexible thus benefitting overall health of the body.

It has been observed that after a tiring day vertebrae of spine get displaced from their original position with regular practice of this asana, not only do vertebrae maintains their position, but displaced vertebrae regain their original position. A spinal disorder like slip disc is also cured with regular practice. Muscles of upper and lower back become healthy and flexible. The health of body depends on health of the spinal cord.

The large and small intestine remains active. The efficient functioning of digestive system boosts production of blood and ensures proper purification, too. A displaced navel finds its way back to its proper position with practice of this asana. It is very useful in curing diabetes and disorders of neck. Ocular defects can be cured and eyes strengthened. The extra fat from around waist and buttocks vanishes and lethargy ends.

The adrenal, thymus and thyroid glands and the gonads are mainly influenced with regular practice of this asana. Pain in prostate gland is also reduced. A healthy and balanced thymus purifies emotions making a person tender hearted, pure and humble. Practice of Ushtrasana proved efficient in eradication of disorders of an imbalanced thyroid gland.

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