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what is Reality of Life in words of #AcharyaVidyasagar G! -चार युवा आरहे हैं और दुसरो और कीड़ी की चाल एक बूढ़े बाबा जा रहे थे.. गर्दन झुकी हुई थी.. कमल मुड़ी हुई थी.. तो 1 लड़का बोला क्या निचे देख रहे हैं? तो दादा जी को अपना बचपन याद आगया हमने भी ऐसे बचपन में पूछा था.. एक दादा जी से.. 1 लड़का बोला क्या देख रहे हैं कुछ खो गया हैं तो हम खोज करके देदे.. हां बेटा मेरी जवानी कहा गिर गयी उसी को दखता आरहा हूँ!!! ये सुनकर लड़के चुप!!!!! सन्नाटा... Silent!!! Goose-bumps creator.. #mustListen and don't forget to #share!!!:) Its reality of life.. हम जवानी के नशे में बहे जा रहे हैं:(

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दिगंबर का मतलब नग्न नहीं हैं -बाबा रामदेव ---योग गुरु बाबा रामदेव.. आचार्य श्री ज्ञानसागर जी के दर्शन करने पधारे.. गजब विडियो.. बाबा रामदेव जी का गजब विचार और भावना.. और दिगंबर शब्द की सही परिभाषा..!! #AcharyaGyansagar #BabaRamdev #Jainism #Digambara #share Baba Ramdev

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No permanent relationship in universe [This Bhavana reflects the suffering in worldly life] ~ जो संसार विषय सुख होता, तीर्थंकर क्यों त्यागे? काहे जो शिव साधन करते, संयम सो अनुरागे??? #WorthRead

Even though Mahavir Bhagwan became a liberated soul and a Tirthankar, he did not escape the cycle of birth and death. His negative thoughts and actions had a direct impact on the number of births he went through. Any karmas bound in his previous lives came to fruition in following births. Like us, he suffered the pain of sansar.

Extra info about the cycle of birth and rebirth - In Jainism it is believed that the ultimate truth of our nature is our soul. We are not the body whether it is human, animal, heavenly or hellish. Ultimately we are the soul.

A soul can be reborn in either of the four gatis. A gati refers to classifications of the four forms that a soul can be born into. These are human, heavenly, animal/plant and hellish beings. Karmas from our past and present lives determine which gati the soul will be born into. The being can and does experience suffering in either of these gatis.

The route to escaping from this cycle of birth and death is through the human form. This is because humans have the ability to discriminate intelligently and distinguish between right and wrong. Through this life form, and only this life form, can we liberate our soul and achieve Moksha. Jainism says that liberating the soul is the true purpose of being born into a human body.

Let’s break these shackles of sansar. Let’s endure our karma without binding more karmas. Let’s recognize that sansar is full of suffering. Let’s use that to help us strive to being free of it by focusing on our soul so that we can attain Moksha.

Source - English Explanation © Heena Modi - big thanks to her!

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