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Posted: 03.12.2017

जहां शरीर, वहां संसार: महातपस्वी महाश्रमण 03-12-2017

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Non-violence travel press release

Where the body, the world is there: Mahatpu Mahasamana

  • 20 Jyoticharan renovating human welfare from Nirvana land of Tirthankaras
  • Treating the journey of the day, about 20 kilometers of Acharyashri did the vaikambh and vikat vihar
  • Agricultural TAP's $ 2 high school reached Acharyashree via the jungles
  • Macharya gave inspiration to move towards the path of liberation

03.12.2017 Artillery, Dhanbad (Jharkhand):

To purify the minds of the masses, Jain Shwetambar Teerapanth Dharmasangha, to propagate DnyanGanga, the representative of the Tirthankars, the non-violence pilgrim, Acharyashree Mahasraman, depicting the movement of Jharkhand, depicting the twenty Jain tirthankars as the nirvana lands, Fall in The untiring Parivrajak Acharyashree not only falls in the summit peak, but the highest hill of Jharkhand whose height is approximately 1350 meters. Traveling around a distance of 21 kms to reach the Tirthankars on top of it, they established a new height. Simultaneously, for the last three days, in the Samind Shikharji, the DnyanGanga flowed through Jharkhand government, giving a new path to the development of Jharkhand at the awards ceremony, once again Jyoticharan reaches the welfare of humanity.

On Sunday morning, Acharyashree departed from Samkham Shikhari from Mangal. The way of Acharyasree's departure was also there, which was during Sankind Shikshhaji. Among the dense forests, the seekers of Abhay were moving with their nonviolence journey. While this forest is considered the most sensitive in the case of Naxalite activities. In spite of such a wild path, the seekers of the Samata were moving in the direction of their brilliant army, through efficient leadership. Today the path of the monolithic monk was as wild, full of dangers, it was also the beginning. Because the Acharyashree was walking directly through the jungles, the Rajkeechar TAP located at the Tokchanchi in Dhanbad district was to be found in the $ 2 high school. When the Acharyashri reached the school of about 20 kms, then the devotees of the said school, there was a saint in the foothills of these great men.

In the school, the acharyashree said to the devotees present in the court, the liberation in our Dharma Shastras has been discussed. The last substance in the 9 substances described in Jainism is only liberation. The basis of liberation is to become free. Being liberated from the body is called salvation. Unless man is entangled in world affairs, he can not attain liberation. Samsari organisms are involved in actions. Their soul is bound by the bondsman. Acharyashree gave holy inspiration and said that the living creatures living in these four motions of hell, triplet, human beings and Gods happen. Sansari ji is an idiot.

Acharyashree described two worldly living creatures that there are two kinds of worldly creatures in the region. A sensual organism is immovable and a person with more than one sense organ is suffering. Siddha Bija can attain liberation. The soul receiving the salvation does not expect the body. It can be said that without the body there can not be the worldly creatures. The one who is educated is the worldly person. Every living organism is a body. In a sense, where there is a body, there is world. In salvation, man gets freedom from the body. By making the soul impregnated with the pursuit of moksha, one should try to move forward towards achieving salvation. If a person wants to get rid of birth and death of his body again and again, then he should try the sadhana of salvation. The creator of moksha can be free from bondage and away from body.

After listening to the holy inspiration of Acharyashree, the clerk of the school, Shri Fatechchand Bose gave his heartfelt expression of affection. Acharyashree accepted the hypothesis by giving him the nonviolence of nonviolence. The local police station officer in charge Shri Sivapujan Bahelia also received the blessings of Acharya Shri and received a holy blessing.


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