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Posted: 06.12.2017
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Jain Vishva Bharati London

Om Arham

Everyone is welcome for Preksha Meditation followed by an interesting introduction to Uttaradhyana Sutra by Mrs. Hinaben Vora on Sunday 17th December 2017. Hinaben has done a Masters in Jainology & Comparative Studies from JVB University (Ladnun) and will give an introduction to one of the most revered texts of the Jain canonical literature. 

Details are as under.


Dear Friends,

We once again have the opportunity of witnessing the award-winning play, YUGPURUSH - MAHATMA’S MAHATMA, in the UK but this time for a special tour in English!

The play reveals a fascinating dimension of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and the untold story of his relationship with his spiritual mentor, Shrimad Rajchandraji, who laid the foundations for principles of non-violence and truth in Gandhiji, has achieved global success by winning awards and breaking records. With over 1,000 performances in 300 cities, the show has already touched 650,000 viewers till date!

YUGPURUSH returns to the UK from 19th January to 4th February 2018 with English performances in London, Leicester, Manchester and Oxford. This specially commissioned tour of Yugpurush, endorsed and supported by the High Commission of India (London), will be one of the concluding highlights of the successful UK-India Year of Culture.

Book your tickets now to avoid disappointment as there are only a limited number of performances. Tickets can be purchased from www.yugpurush.org/uk or by calling 0333 666 3366.

We would like to engage your support in reaching out to as many friends & family as possible to get a wide and varied audience to witness and benefit from this unique event. We request you to circulate the below email and attached flyer and very much look forward to welcoming you to the show!

Best Wishes,
The Yugpurush UK Team





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