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Published: 16.12.2017
Updated: 09.01.2018

The workshop was held in the presence of Muni Prashant Kumar and Muni Kumud Kumar. Muni Prashant Kumar through his discourse shed light on how every social celebration should be celebrated in the Jain Sankar Vidhi which is celebrated through Ahimsa. It shows us how we can celebrate every occasion with simplicity without any sort of unnecessary pomp and show. It enables us to lead a peaceful and a content life.
Upasak and Terapanth Sangh Samvad 's board member Sushil Bafana said that Jainism always gave importance to practice. The three main points of Jain Sanskar are to bridge the gap between faith and practice. Strengthening our non violence behaviour and practising restraint. We should follow the base of our Jain culture and feel proud about it.
Mandal President Sneha Choraria said that Acharya Sri Tulsi preached us how to protect this era by following Jain Sanskar and safeguard our culture.
The programme started with the Mangalachran by the Mahila Mandal. Dr. Rajendar Dugar said that Jain Sanskar is very important and we should promote it as much as we can. Anju Sancheti and Meghna Bafana 's birthday were celebrated through Jain Sanskar Vidhi. Muni Prashant Kumar made everyone take oath for one year to follow Jain Sanskar Vidhi. The doubts and questions of the curious audience were answered by Sushil Bafana. Vice President Rajesh Baid gave the introduction of Sushil Bafana. He was presented with a memento and welcomed by Sabha President Devchand Sancheti and Mahila Mandal President Sneha Choraria.

Muni Prasant Kumar and Muni kumud Kumar

Sushil Bafana leading the workshop

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Hemlatha Bhandari

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