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Published: 10.01.2018
Updated: 11.01.2018

Calicut: 31.01.2018

Dhamma Jaagaran was conducted in the presence of Muni Prashant Kumar. While addressing the gathering he said Acharya Bhikshu was a follower of truth. The quest for truth was his sole aim. He would practice very tough penance in the scorching heat of Siriyari. By the inspiration of Muni Thirpal and Muni Fatehraj he started making people understand his perception. He practiced several tough penances in his life time. He faced the every hurdle during his penance with calmness and peace. Even in present times there are so many miracles reported in his name. He explained the difference between Lokothar and Lokik daan daya. The foremost advice he gave to the then Sadhu’s and sadhvi’s was that they should always be under the guidance of a sole Acharya. The far sighted thoughts of Acharya Bhikshu attracted many devotees. Following his preachings would be a tribute to him in the true sense.
Muni Kumud Kumar in his discourse shed light on Bhagwan Mahavira and said that he attained salvation by gaining victory over his raag-dwesh. Mahavir’s Anekanth is a solution to so many of our problems. By praying and remembering him we can have a peaceful,content life and can stregthen our self confidence and spirituality. Pure worship leads our end of Karmas.
Hiralal Bohra, Ratan Lal Bothra,Sanju Bafana,Pavan Kothari from Cochin and Dharmichand Bothra from Coimbatore presented various bhajans.

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Edited by Hemlatha Bhandari
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