Posted: 22.02.2018

Non-absolutistic standpoint (view-point or a way of approach and observation)- Cogni­zance of a single attribute of an object possesed of infinite attributes. A view-point expressing the intention of the speaker (knower), which takes cognizance of a particular (intended) aspect of object, apprehended through Pramāna (valid organ of knowledge), and which does not repudiate the other aspects (of that reality).

nayaḥ sarvatrānantadharmādhyāsite vastnnyekāṃśagrāhako bodhaḥ.

(Anu 75 MaVṛ Pa 40)

anirākṛtetarāṃśo vastvaṃśagrāhī pratipattiirabhiprāyo nayaḥ.

(Bhikṣu 5.1)


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