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Posted: 28.03.2018
Updated on: 29.03.2018

Coimbatore: 25.03.2018

Acharya Bhikshu was the messenger of peace, said Muni Prashant Kumar while addressing the gathering on the celebration of the 259th "Abhinishkraman Divas". He said Acharya Bhikshu started a religious revolution on this day. This was his first oath to uphold the sanctity of a pure and perfect spiritual life and follow the right path. He faced several obstacles but kept moving ahead with determination and thus Terapanth was formed and he named it “Hey! Prabhu Yaha Terapanth” He spent his first day at the crematorium of Bagri Nagar. He stressed on discipline and never compromised on the rules and regulations and set an example for his disciples and followers.
Muni Kumud Kumar made all chant various spiritual Mantras. The program commenced with Mangalacharan by Mahila  Mandal and Kanyamandal members too shared their views. Hosting was done by Dipika Bothra.

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