2018.06.11 ►Ahimsa Yatra ►Video Message

Posted: 11.06.2018
2017.11.05 Ahimsa Yatra 28

2018 Ahimsa Yatra of Acharya Mahashraman


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Ahimsa Yatra reached Valluru today.
His Holiness Acharya Mahashraman preached in today's Prime Sermon about the desires of a Shravak- I live in possession and I have owed money, home etc. but an ascetic is away from the possession. I am a layman so the food gets cooked in my home, medicine and clothes are also there in my home. I have sufficient place in my home where ascetics can live. That day will be a fortunate day when ascetics will live in my home and it will be used for their stay, the food which is being cooked in home will get in the ascetic's utensil. The cloth which I have in my home may get endowed to the ascetic. That day will be fortunate when my things will get used by the ascetics. So we should have the desires of giving almsdeed to the desirable or auspicious one. This is the Fourth fruit of the tree of human life.

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