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ऐसा रहन-सहन जिसकी नीव अहिंसा पर हो! यही मतलब खादी का आजादी से पहले था, यह आज भी है। मुझे आज भी इसका जरा भी शक नहीं की हमें वह आजादी हासिल करना है,जिसे हिंदुस्तान के करोड़ों गांव वाले अपने आप समझने और महसूस करने लगे, तो चरखा कातना और खादी पहनना पहले से भी ज्यादा जरूरी है, हथकरघा के लाभ, आरोग्य,अहिंसा, स्वरोजगार,राष्ट्र,जन,धन, संस्कृति की रक्षा...:)

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An open letter to teenagers.. By Muni Pranamya sagar Ji.. #worthy • #share

what if you get fewer marks or could not get into your fav college/ university in one or two attempts.. Does fail means life end Really??

Never get disappointed because disappointments give tensions and tensions can drive us away from ourselves and it motivates us to take the extreme step of suicide. Suicide is a heinous crime. It is like digging out a full grown tree. The tree which has already struggled a lot in the process of growing up. In the same manner, you have also struggled a lot.

When the seed was in the soil, it struggled to germinate. The seed turned into a beautiful sapling because of its capabilities. Otherwise, there were many seeds under the soil, some of them died but it faced all the adversities like bacteria, germs, worms etc. and finally turned out to be a winner, a warrior. In the same manner, you were born after a struggle of millions of sperms to fertilize the egg in the womb And only one sperm succeeded, that was the winner, was able to fertilize the egg in the womb and you were born out of that. So you have been a winner since the time of conception! The struggle did not end there. There was a vast multitude of struggles in a womb of the mother.

But because of your fighting spirit and desire to survive, you were alive there. You got nourishment from the mother and slowly your body parts developed which prepared you for life. As after germination, the plant spreads its roots in the soil for strength, support, and
nutrition, so you were not only in the womb of your mother but in her whole body and your thoughts were there in her mind. This is the reason that your mother loves you even more than your father. You became her heart beat. Because she loves you so much that’s why she tolerated the pain of giving birth to you. And see the miracle, when you came into the world your mother was blessed with milk in her breast to feed you. It seems the arrangements for your arrival were made in advance. This again proves that you have a strong desire to survive.
When you had fully developed in the womb, you desired to come out. You suffered the pain but you never gave up. And this fighting spirit brought you out and you became a winner!

When you came into the world you were welcomed here by your parents & relatives. Your parents fulfilled all your needs and desires to their best level. Other species do not have wishes but we human beings have.

All your wishes were taken care of by your family without giving any exposure to harsh realities of life and without any mental and physical pain. As the gardener feels relaxed and happy when the small plant turns into a tree. So were your parents when you passed your school. This is again a proof that you are a winner!!

Now the tree grows further and starts bearing flowers and fruits. The roots
grow deeper in the ground. It faces rough weather, sun, and storm, hot and cold, hail and fog, everything, which indirectly makes the tree stronger. In the same manner, human beings also face all the adversities of life like ailments, injuries, sufferings, pains etc. You suffered all these and did not budge from your way or path of progress. Nothing could move you except your willpower.

Dear children how can you think of killing the precious life which you have nourished for so long with so much care and love. The killing of self is one of the most heinous crime. This will be a cheating to those who brought you up, loved you, looked after you, took care of you. There are many who have right on your life. How can you cheat them? If a tree is cut down at the time it is about to bear fruits, what will happen? Now when the time has come that you should repay to those who sacrificed their comforts for you. Instead of getting indebted to them, you are going to give them unbearable pain and loss. Think for a while before taking any step, how they celebrated when you were born, how their faces lit up when you put your first foot on the ground to walk, how cheerful they were on your each and every big or small achievement. And Do you know your this one step can drag them into complete darkness, shame and pain? Why do you want to have the taboo of being a loser?
All parents have a dream for their children that they should get a good education and get well settled in their life. Keeping this in mind your parents sent you away from home for better education so that you could fulfill your and your parent’s dream and not end your life because you got fewer marks or you could not make up to a good college or university in one or two or more attempts. If you are studying under the pressure of your parents then tell them clearly that you can’t become what they want you to be. But if this is your dream, keep patience, don’t distract, who knows what the God has in store for you. Keep working with full dedication and determination. I can say it firmly if you have some guts you will definitely succeed and fulfill your dream. At such crucial time, you need to analyze yourself about your potential and action plan. Listen to what your conscience says to you. If you listen to your inner self and follow it diligently no one can stop you from achieving your target. Always keep in mind that you have been a winner since inception and you will be forever. Don’t compare yourself to others. You are unique.

Identify/recognize yourself, have faith in yourself, have faith in God and do have faith in your work. Dear children life is a game play it like a game. There is nothing like loss or gain. The game is for entertainment only. Live the life as it is a festival. As we scale up a mountain, it becomes very difficult and tiring to move a step at greater heights. It so happens in the field of education also. We can get good percentage or grade in lower classes but when we go to higher classes, the percentage and grades go down. No player can hit a sixer on all the balls. But he goes for singles or doubles when the ball misses the boundary. Keep on working with same zeal and energy. Give your hundred percent. Don’t lose courage and whenever you get a chance to hit a six, means try to get good percent. The other lesson that we learn from games is “Accept Victory or defeat with the same spirit”. Keep on self-congratulating and self-motivating in all circumstances. Enjoy the game of life until the end.

One more question is why do you want to become a CA, IAS, MBA or MBBS? Only to earn money and maintain a good standard of life? Dear children, people hardly know about a person’s profession. Only his acquaintances know. So if you don’t succeed in one profession, you can change it. You can earn money by becoming something else. What is the need for thinking about ending your life?
Suicide does not mean the end of life. After the end of this life, it will restart in the womb of a mother with the same struggle and hardships. But this time it will be worse than the earlier one because you had ended the good life yourself. You will have to face the consequences of your bad deed of suiciding yourself.

So like a tree maintain your heights. As when it doesn’t bear flowers or fruits, at least it provides shade shelter and peace to thousands of birds, insects, and animals. You can become a great source of happiness for your family, friends, relatives and the society at large. Even if you don’t become a doctor, engineer, CA or IAS, your presence is the best thing for your family. Your smile is more precious than any treasure of the world for your family. Suppose you get a higher position in life but you are not happy & you are not smiling it is all useless. It is well said “Achievements are not the way to Happiness; Happiness is the way to Achievements”. At last, I would like to say don’t ever think of ending your life in the company of bad friends. As you would have heard ‘A rotten fruit can spoil the whole basket’.

If we get indulged in one evil, it brings thousands more along with it. So in times of failure don’t make friends with evils like smoking, drinking or taking drugs. Sometimes children take to bad habits for entertainment or in the company of friends as a status symbol. These bad habits will attack your self-esteem directly. Keep a distance from these evils and focus on your career. Keep high and pious goals in life. Always follow the right path and if you have problems, face them boldly and leave rest to the wish of the God. You will be a stronger and experienced person after facing problems in life. You will have a treasure of experiences to share with others. Your struggle story can inspire many others in future. In this world you are not the only one who is facing the problems rather there is hardly anyone who has not faced problems. You can find it if you observe it minutely. Don’t waste your parents’ money and your precious time and life for your friends or bad habits. These bad habits can give momentary pleasure, but they will deceive you of your time, power, wisdom health and money. And after this, there will be nothing left except repentance for the lifetime. Struggles of great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Abraham Lincoln, Edison, Einstein, and others are the great motivational forces which others can follow.

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