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Published: 04.07.2018
Updated: 04.07.2018

Gangashahar: 01.07.2018

All India Terapanth Mahila Mandal organised three days conference for younger women. Today is was 22nd Mahaprayan Day of Acharya Tulsi. Mahila Mandal feel indebted to Acharya Tulsi as he awakened women and showed way of development to all women. Aditi Sekhani conducted this session.
Acharya Tulsi showed the way of visarjan so Mahila Mabdal decided to spread the message of visarjan and took a rally. 900 women participated in rally. ABTMM is brand ambassador of clean India movement.

Nokha Mahila Mandal presented Manglacharan. Muni Shreyansh Kumar, Muni Shanti Kumar, Sadhvi Gaurav Prabha, Sadhvi Param Yasha, Sadhvi Sahaj Prabha, Sadhvi Vishad Pragya, Samani Madhur Pragya and Mumukshu Dr Shanta Jain paid homage to Acharya Tulsi. Smt. Neelam Sethia general secretary told Acharya Tulsi was unique in Terapanth religious sect. He was messiah of masses. She has presented one poem on behalf of women power. Sayar Bengani chief trustee of ABTMM told Acharya Tulsi is always alive by his contribution.
Lunkaran Chhajer president of Acharya Tulsi Shanti Pratisthan, Mayor Narayan Chopra, Congress Leader B. D. Kalla also expressed their views.

Union Minister Arjunram Meghwal discussed contribution of Acharya Tulsi and specially mentioned how he has transformed me during his visit to School where he was student. He feels that my life was transformed in positive way by moral values of Anuvrat and for this he is grateful to Acharya Tulsi.
Kumud Kachhara was honored by local Mahila Mandal.

Suraj Bararia former president of ABTMM and great orator conducted today's function in very effective and attractive way.

Nokha Mahila Mandal

Women Participated in Rally

Sadhvi Gaurav Prabha,Sadhvi Param Yasha,Sadhvi Sahaj Prabha,Sadhvi Vishad Pragya

Suraj Bararia,Kumud Kachhara ABTMM Team

Sadhvi Gaurav Prabha,Sadhvi Param Yasha,Sadhvi Sahaj Prabha,Sadhvi Vishad Pragya,Samani Madhur Pragya and Mumukshu Dr. Snanta Jain and Kumud Kachhara, Neelam Sethia

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Hindi News Paper

Edited by Rajshree Pugalia
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