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Posted: 10.07.2018

Bengaluru: 07.07.2018

A workshop for Gyanshala students was held by Hanumantnagar (Bengaluru) Tmm in the pious presence of Sadhvi Kanchan Prabha. Sadhvi Udit Prabha, Sadhvi Nirbhay Prabha and Sadhvi Chelna Shri shared tips through stories and Yogasana. Sadhvi Kanchan Prabha in her discourse said the kids of this extension are very talented and hardworking and fast learners and the credit goes to senior Gyan shala Prashishkak Shashikala Nahar who could achieve this by the support of other prashishkaks. 8 year old kids are able to recite Pachis Bol and Bhaktamar fluently and they can next learn the Pratikraman and offer as a tribute to Acharya Mahashraman. Shasansri Manju Rekha said Gyanshala means power and where there’s a combination of teaching and training a better future can be built.
Sabha President Gautam Khabiya welcomed all. Gyanshala Secretary Manju dak hosted the event. Members of Yuvak Parishad too were present. There was a total gathering of around 80. Jaishri Barlota thanked one and all.

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