The Support Of Faith ► 08 ►Three Forms of Lifestyle

Posted: 24.01.2020

Few people live in and depend on society. They do not take initiative and subsist on society. Such people cannot set their goal. They cannot even represent any civilization. They are followers sort of people. They follow the majority. They are not aware of their existence. They are destined to live in crowds and to behave as part of that crowd. This lifestyle cannot be our model.

Some people stay and live in isolation. They are concerned only with ‘I’ and ‘My’. They have no interest in social concern. In their myopic view, society has no place. Such people, if live in a wilderness there is no problem. But when they live in a society their lifestyle make others uncomfortable.

The third type of people is those who, though live in society but do not interact with its organs. They enjoy their melancholy so dearly that even a crowd cannot make any difference to them. Even though they live in society, they follow their own set of rules and principles. They have feasible approach. They can adopt themselves to any situation, but do not compromise with their principle. Such type of people has no respect for tradition and lack commitment for individual belief. They wish to strike a balance between tradition and modernity.

In this age of conflicting opinions, if man could be able to concentrate on his behaviour, a now ray of hope is quite possible for him Anuvrat can greatly contribute to the process of making this wish realised.

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