Posted: 09.07.2005
By Shalini Narang
JAINA is a premier organisation promoting Jain philosophy of tolerance, writes Shalini Narang in
Posted: 29.06.2005
Religious Dignitaries Keynote Speakers Invited Scholars & Special Guests
Posted: 16.05.2005
By Pravin K. Shah
If you have any information or suggestion / comment on the topics or for a moderator session, please let me know. I need to make sure that the presentation / lectures / participation not only will spiritually inspire aspirants of all traditions, Shvetämbar, Digambar, Sthänakaväsi and Teräpanthi as well as the inspired ones by Shrimad Räjchandraji but also strengthen the unity and harmony...
Posted: 08.05.2005
Mark your calendars to attend the largest gathering of Jains of all ages at the 2005 JAINA Convention in the San Francisco Bay Area hosted by The Jain Center of Northern California (JCNC).

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