Prof. J. Srichandran

Published: 28.12.2015


Prof Srichandran is a perennial source for information on Jaina religion, philosophy, and culture as reflected in Tamil literature and grammar . Authority on Great Jaina epics like Jeevaka sinthamani, Silappathikaram, Agamaic works like Sripurana, Merumanthara purana, didactical works like Thirukkural, grammatical works like Tholkappiyam. Nannul.

He has written outstanding commentaries on Jaina epics, Jaina philosophy, several articles on various aspects of jaina philosophy in various Tamil Religious journals. Very popular speaker-orator on Jaina Philosophy and literature, Prof. Srichandran commands great respect not only among fellow Jains, for a vast majority of non Jain Tamil Scholars interested in Jaina Philosophy and for the research students he is the one to be consulted first and last for guidance and clarification. People throng in thousands to hear his oration on Jaina philosophy.

Through His Publishing house ‘Varthamanan Pathippagam and Tamil Nilayam he has brought out important publications on various aspects of Jainism. Apart from that he has brought out Audio cassettes, compact discs on Jaina Philosophy. to site a few- Shodasa bhavana, Dwadhasanu preksha, Bhagwan Adhinatha, Bhagwan Parswanatha, Bhagwan Varthamana, Perunkakathai ( Udayana kumara kavya) etc.

The pinnacle of his contribution for Jainism in this part of the country is his excellent translation of Sripurana from Manipravala into Tamil. Sripurana is an abridged work of Mahapurana of the great Acharya Jinasena and Gunabadra. It is worshipped in individual houses as well in Jinalayas. He has translated, printed and published this Holy Scripture.

-  P. Rajendra Prasad prp[at]


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