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Sadhvi Nirvan Shri, Sadhvi Nirvanshree, Sadhvi Nirvanshreeji, Sadhvisri Nirvansriji, Sadhvisri Nirvansriji


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Born: Sri Dungargarh

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Born on 10th September 1956 at Sri Dungargarh, Rajasthan, Sadhvishree Nirvan Shreeji took Diksha on 20th November 1974. The date of her taking Diksha was a historical day, as Lord Mahavira's 25th Nirvan centenary then was celebrated.

For 19 years, she lived near Gurudev Tulsi for deep study of Jain philosophy and research work. Her specialities are Jain philosophy in the Agams and Jain logic; she has good command on Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi & Rajasthani languages.

On 22nd February 1994 she became group head of Sadhvis at Sujangrah, Rajasthan. From there she started her journey on foot from Rajasthan to Delhi, and then through Haryana, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa to south India.

In her group are:
Sadhvishree Yogkshem Prabhaji
Sadhvishree Lavinya Prabhaji
Sadhvishree Kundan Yashaji
Sadhvishree Mudit Prabhaji

Her three books on Jain philosophy are published in Hindi.

In February 2006 she reached Kolkata with her group of Sadhvis to give spiritual guidance to the people living in the widespread Kolkata area.



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