Dr. Samani Sthit Pragya

Updated on: 06.12.2011


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Born: Ladnun

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Dr. Samani Sthit Pragya was born in Ladnun, Rajasthan. She got Diksha by Acharya Tulsi on 9th November 1980.

M.A. in Jeevan Vigyan, Ahimsa, Shanti, Shodh, Jain Vidya (wisdom) and Comparative Study of Religions, Prakrit language and literature. Passed 'NET' Exam of U.G.C. and completed her Ph.D. on the subject 'Critical Study of Sambodhi'.
She has compiled and edited the following books and periodicals:

  • Amrut Chintan
  • Chitta Aur Man
  • Sambhav Hai Samadhan
  • Ecological Aspects and Thoughts
  • Pran-chikitsa
  • Jivan-gatha: Ek Tapasvini-ki
  • Periodical on Preksha Dhyan
  • Further she has compiled 50 lessons for JVBI's M.A. correspondence course in Jeevan Vigyan , written nearly 100 articles, published in various periodicals, and participated in 20 seminars of national & international level.

For five years she was head of Tulsi Adhyatma Needam, Sadhana Kendra (centre) and has conducted more than 70 Camps on Preksha Meditation and Jeevan Vigyan.
During the last 12 years she was associate professor at Jain Vishva Bharati Institute (JVBI), Ladnun, where she was head of department of Preksha Meditation and Jeevan Vigyan for three years. At present she is guiding ten students in their research work for the PhD degree, being also recognised guide for this.
She was the first Samani to take oath by Acharya Mahaprajna.
In 2005 she is in Rajkot, Gujarat, and conducting various shibirs.




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