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Executive Editor, Jain Spirit magazine till 2006:

"It is a joy to edit Jain Spirit.
Jains have inherited such an ancient and timeless peaceful culture, which is so varied and profound that I am never at a loss for ideas.
I was born and educated in Mombasa, Kenya (1961) where my teachers helped me to see the joy of learning. I came to the London School of Economics with the aim of getting a bachelors degree, where I earned First Class Honours, and eventually completed a Masters and a PhD.
I have taught Accounting and Finance at the Universities of Bristol and Essex in the UK and Maryland in USA. I have travelled all over the world to lecture on Business, Ethics, and also Jainism. Institutions I have lectured at include University of Warwick, Oxford, Cambridge, George Washington University, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, Price Waterhouse Coopers (London) among many others.
I have also spoken on the BBC World Service, BBC Radio 4, Channel 5 TV, Sunrise Radio, and written articles in various newspapers.
Jain culture had always been my passion, and I founded the Young Jains organisation in the UK which has now grown to an international network. My son Meerav was born at the time Jain Spirit was born, and that is why I include him in this picture. He loves Kid Spirit and comes (with his sister Jaina) to our Jain Spirit studio to draw, play on the computers and give new ideas. Meerav reminds me that ultimately, Jain Spirit is about taking our culture forward to future generations, creatively and positively. That is why I chose to give up my academic career to advance the awareness and understanding of Jainism.
I am grateful for the tremendous support given to me by our readers and volunteers to help realise this vision and hope this will continue well into the future so that we can leave a lasting legacy for future generations."

Dr.Atul Shah

After Jain Spirit magazine could not be continued in 2006 Atul Shah founded Diverse Ethics.


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