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Lord Ghantakarna Mahavir is a protector Jain deity. He was a Kshatriya king named Mahabal or Tungabhadra from Shri Nagar. He was king and a warrior of the Himalayan dynasty of his time. He protected religious people, caste and virtuous women, and unmarried girls from robbers. He also used to protect pilgrimswho visited Shri Parvat near his kingdom from bandits. He used his primary weapons, bow and arrows to protect innocents and apart he had a heavy mace.

He liked sounds of bell (ghanta) and also he had bell-shaped ears (karna) so he was called ghanta-karna mahavir (great warrior). He was very found of sukhadi (mixture of jaggery, wheat and ghee). He died fighting with thieves while saving a group of innocent peoples who were being targeted for threat and robbery. He thus became Ghantakarna Mahavir due to his deeds (karma). He is venerated as thirtieth Vir (hero) in the list of fifty-two Rakshak Devs ("protector divinity") or Virs. Ghantakarna Mahavir's most important temple is situated in Mahudi.



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