Dr. Jeoraj Jain

Updated on: 19.12.2012


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Born: 1938


  • Dr. Jeoraj Jain, born in 1938, is a Gold-medalist of Rajasthan University. He obtained the degree ‘Doctor of Engineering’ (Dr.-Ing.) from Germany in 1968, for his research work in Welding Engineering.
  • After working with Tata Motors Ltd for 21 years, he worked as Technical and Investment Consultant for 12 years in the areas of Training and Stock Market. He is a recipient of National Award in Fabrication Technology. He has several Technical papers to his credit.
  • He has been engaged in multi-disciplinary Research work on the Structure and Quality of WATER since 2002. He is the author of a bi-lingual book on Water, which also contains the results of his theoretical as well as experimental research work. “A Theory of Life without DNA and RNA” and a Theory to explain the mechanism of Characterization of water have been propounded by him in 2010 & 2012.
  • At present he is studying the distribution of various forms and types of Living-beings and Non-living things in the Universe.



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