Dr. Surendra Singh Pokharna

Updated on: 09.12.2016


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Born: 24.05.1950 in Udaipur


  • Ph. D. in physics, former scientist at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and COO, Hitech Outsourcing Services (Juriscape). Interested in multidisciplinary research involving science, social systems, indian culture and relegious disciplines, information technology etc.

  • Bhagwan Mahavir International Center for Scientific Research and Social Innovative Studies, JVBI, Ladnun, Nagaur (Rajasthan), India

His father is Shriman Balwant Singhji and his mother is Shrimati Lahar Kunwarji. He is married to Sunanda and they have three daughters.

He has two brothers, two sisters, a wonderful wife, three daughters, two son in laws, one grand daughter and very loveable parents and relatives and many friends. Did a Ph D in physics and Graduateship in Operations Research along with a post doctoral research in biophysics from IISc Bangalore. Was a senior scientist at Space Applications Center (ISRO) Ahmedabad for 19 years and worked in Remote Sensing and its applications. Also worked as a Chief Operating Officer at Juriscape Pvt. Ltd,a company under Hitech Outsourcing Services. Ahmedabad. Currently working as consultant in the same company. Taught physcis and Electronics for about eight years in three colleges and University.



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