Monowara Begum Moni

Updated on: 09.01.2014


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Monowara Begum Moni was Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh, 1958. Her profession is Journalism and Media Research, and she is Visiting Lecturer of Daffodil University, Press Institute, Democracy Watch, Bangladesh. Her studies include Bengali Literature and Linguistics, Economics and Pali (MA) from Dhaka University, Bangladesh 1981; and she is Holder of a Diplom(a) in Journalism, University Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany 2002; she also studied Commercial Business, in Stuttgart, Germany 2009. In 1989 she received the Prize: Best Journalist of the Year 1989, from Bangladesh Diploma Engineers Association. Publications: In Quest of a Golden Dream Dhaka, Bangladesh 1989, Mass Media in Bangladesh and its Press Freedom, Munich, Germany 2006; She published various research papers in Bangla Desh and Gernany. Member of DJV-BW (German Journalist Union).



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