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Updated on: 13.04.2014


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Colbordolo PU Italy


E-Mail: info(at)okido.it


Master Yahiro has been guiding the study of Oki do Yoga for more than 30 years. He has dedicated his experience in creating a path for personal evolution that is manifested through the practice of service in society as to realize reciprocal prosperity and a world of peace.

Master Yahiro is the natural successor of Master Oki and is the person that has most developed the research of Oki do and is a man who has most thoroughly practiced its teachings. His intuitions are a result of untiring daily research and his precious patrimony is there for those who operate in the human health  area.

He is the founder of Meiso Shiatsu and brought shiatsu to Italy more than 40 years ago offering his research to scholars and researchers worldwide. He unites and integrates the global principles of health with one of the most ancient practices of treatment. He has made shiatsu a way of self-education for personal evolution, valorizing and developing the natural capacity of self-healing by Life Force, consciously stabilizing a condition of true health., happiness and peace.

The central point of his research is life itself through the harmony of body, mind, heart, daily life and environment.

He is the founder and inspirer of the Oki do Mikkyo Yoga Liberal University, an association recognized socially, where he shares the fruits of his research. He has also initiated Earth and Human Harmony Project, which is a global association that offers humanitarian aid an unconditional service.

Open University Oki Do Mikkyo Yoga

There are 3 sectors of study:

  • Academy of OkiDo Yoga
  • Academy of Meiso Shiatsu and Holistic Health Ki
  • Academy OkiDo Bio Naturale



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