Prof. Dr. Kim Skoog

Updated on: 01.12.2015



Guam USA


Phone: 735-2800/2811
E-Mail: socrates(at)


University of Guam

A scholar who believes that teaching should be on the field by conducting travel study courses. He takes his students to Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, Mongolia, Nepal, China and Tibet for his field teaching. An invited lecturer, presenter of over 75 papers in Europe, United States and Asia at institutions like MIT, Harvard etc., he has published over 25 articles in journals and books throughout the world. For the past 20 years, Dr. Kim Skoog has turned his attention to Jain philosophy and religion. He has introduced a course on Jain philosophy at his university and added sections on Jainism in several of his other courses. He regularly volunteers to teach college classes for the University of Maryland on U.S. military bases around the world and includes sections on Jainism in his course on Asian philosophy and religion. He has been teaching Jainism and Ahimsa to US soldiers stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan for about 8 years. (2014)



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