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Born: 06.02.1932 in Gangashahar
Passed away: 01.10.2008

Terapanth Info

Diksha: 1943 by Acharya Tulsi


Muni Madhukar of Lodha family, born 1932 in Gangashahar, Rajasthan, India, took Santhara at 9 a.m. and his last breath at about 11 a.m. on 1st October 2008 at Terapanth Bhavan Udaipur.

His Diksha-Serial-# is 586 in Terapanth monk order. He was close aide of Acharya Tulsi and Acharya Mahaprajna. His ability to protect and preserve historical documents was unique.

He was editor & advisor for the Terapanth Jain magazine Yuvadristi. author, composer & poet. Acharya Tulsi addressed him as "Sangh Paramarshak" and Acharaya Mahaprajna addressed him as "Shashan Gaurav".

Respect to a great soul who inspired every youth.

Profile Of Muni shri Mangilalji ‘Madhukarji’ from Gangasahar
Terapanth Saint Serial No. 586


Muni Madhukar ji was born on Tuesday, 6th February 1932 (i.e vikram samvat 1988, magh shukla 3 according to hindi calendar) in   Lodha (Oswald) family residing in Gangashahar in Bikaner district of Rajasthan.


His father’s name was Chimniramji and mother’s name was Gatu Devi.

Detachment from worldly life

He got sick and almost came out of death’s jaws. He got the opportunity of Darshan of Acharya Sri Tulsi. Acharya Shree Tulsi’s dazzling personality left a deep impact on Mangilal‘s  mind. Young Munis gave teachings to him for leaving worldly life and accepting Sanyas. Within a span of 2 months he saw in his family the death of his maternal grandmother, his sister in law and his elder sister.  Watching death so closely he became more and more detached to the world where there is no fear of death even.


After that  he  left the narrow path of ignorance and joined the highway towards nirvana. His chosen path reaches out to every door, varying from end to infinity, from immortality to eternity and from spirituality to nirvana. Muni Madhukarvji  entered into monkhood at the young age of thirteen years, on kartik shukla 6 vikram samvat 2000 by Acharya Shri Tulsi in Gangashahar. On the same day a total of 15 persons took Diksha. His holiness Acharya Shri Tulsi gave the name Muni Mangilal to him.

The daughter of his elder brother is Sadhvi Madhurekha ji who took Diksha in the year vikram samvat 2024, the daughter of his younger brother is Sadhvi Madhuyasha ji who  took  Diksha in  vikram samvat 2054.

Muni Dulichand ji (Terapanth Saint Serial No. 417) was his worldly father’s elder brother. Sadhvi Shri Sona ji, daughter of Dulichand ji was his elder cousin sister. Both father and daughter  took  Diksha  in    vikram samvat  1978.


Muni Madhukar ji studied up to 5th class. After his initiation he studied unto the ‘Yogyattam’ i.e. the top course for excellence.


Muni Madhukar ji memorized about 10 thousand poems/shlokas in Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Rajasthani Languages.

Published Works

  • Gunjan
  • Swar Gunje Nirman Ke
  • Badhe Chalo
  • Nai Pidhi Se
  • Hiwade Ro Hello
  • Diwlo Kad Jalsi
  • Itihas Purush Ke Aaspas.

Unpublished Works

  • Samsya Shatakam
  • Some Small Preachings
  • Tulsi Jiwan Jhanki


  • Shri Kalu Kavya Kusumanjali

Edited Works

  • Magan Charitra
  • Terapanth Maryada Aur Vyawastha
  • Bhikhu Dristant
  • Bhikhu Jash Rashayan
  • Tatwa Praveshika
  • Jayacharya Ki Kritiyan- Ek Parichaya
  • Jay Smriti
  • Eshna
  • Anmol Bol- Acharya Tulsi Ke
  • Ninv Ke Patthar
  • Prakash Ke Prahari
  • Mantra Diksha
  • Sanskar Kendra
  • Terapanth Parichayika Etc.

Research Work

  • Agam Kosh And Agam Sanshodhan ( About 15 Years)

He has written a number of articles. He has also composed poems as an immediate poet on a subject given by the audience. In vikram  samvat  2015 he exercised 100 awadhans(experiment of memory and concentration). He has copied more than 5000 stanzas of poems.


After his initiation he traveled as assistant with different group leaders for 16 years upto vikram samvat 2016.
Samvat 2016 he was assigned in the gurukul.
Samvat 2017 he was appointed in the seva of Gurudev Sri Tulsi.
Samvat 2019 going with gurudev in panchami upto Samvat 2041
Samvat 2022 involved in pratilekhan with gurudev Tulsi up to samvat 2054


Samvat 2017:

Started noting down Acharyashree’s Khyat and management of weight and books of the group (samuchchay), bhandar pratilekhan, indexing and modern management.

Samvat 2024:

Starting from Ahmedabad the responsibility of Gochari of Gurudev upto  Samvat 2037.

Samvat 2027:

Arrangement of medicine for gurudev.

Samvat 2040:

Stated from Balotara, ahar to gurudev

Samvat 2027:

At Raipur took the responsibility of advice to Akhil Bhartiya Terapantha Yuvak Parishad.

Samvat 2046:

In yogkshem year , was appointed the coordinator of Satarkata Ayog.

Samvat 2046:

Was appointed member of literature committee.

Samvat 2054:

Was appointed convenor/samayojak of the terapanth unit of Vikash parishad.

Samvat 2017:

Started giving advice for resolving the problems related with the social disputes and disputes related with the sabha/sansthas.

Travelling For Preaching:

Delhi, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Gujarat, Andhrapradesh, Tamilnadu, Uttarpradesh etc.with Gurudev Sri Tulsi and/or with Muni Budhmal ji

Honours & Prices:

amvat 2035:

At Rajaldesjar on Magh Shulkla Saptami was relieved from the work of Samuchchaya and was given Bakhshish/exemption from Bari(Work By Turn)

Samvat 2038:

At Gangashahr in Chopra High School , on 01.02.1982 was appointed ‘Seva Nikay Yasthapak’ i.e. organisor of the internal service institution for Sadhus and Sadhvis.

Samvat 2043:

 In the function of 5th stage of Amrit Mahotsva at Ladnun on 12.09.1986 was conferred with the honour of ‘Sangh Paramarshak’ and was also given price of  5000 Gathas.



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