Prof. Dr. Adelheid Mette

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Prof. A. Mette, Prof. Mette


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Born: 1934


Munich Germany


Born in 1934, Prof. Mette is until date living in Munich, where she actually has a lectureship in Indology, focused on the literature of Jainism, Buddhism, on Vedic language and Jaina Prakrit.

The topics of her Ph.D. 1959 at Hamburg University was "The Aiolic Meters in Euripides Dramas” related to classical philology."

From 1988-2000 she was Professor and Director of department for Indological Studies at University of Muenster, Germany.

Some Works of Prof. Dr. Adelheid Mette:

  1. The Oha-nijjutti Prakrit Commentary (1974)
  2. The synchronism of the Buddha and the Jain Mahavira and the Problem of Chronology in Early Buddhism (1995)
  3. Some Regulations for Protection of life from the Rules of the Order of Jain Monks.
  4. Waste Disposal (Paritthavana-Vidhi) in Ancient India ( Special reference to Prakrit Texts)

Prof. Mette has written many important articles and compiled various anthologies in German language.



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