Muni Kumar Shraman

Updated on: 12.02.2015


Muni Shri Kumar Shramanji, Muni Shri Kumarshraman


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Born: 1981 in Ladnun

Terapanth Info

ID: 755
Diksha: 1990 by Acharya Tulsi


Born 1981 in Surat, Gujarat, India, as youngest of six siblings he took Diksha at the tender age of 9 in 1990. Two of his sisters are Sadhvis. From early childhood it was his notedly wish to lead a life of an ascetic. At his initiation he got named 'Little Saint' - Kumar Shraman.

In 2002 he was inspired together with Muni Jay Kumar on one of their ascetic wanderings to start International Preksha Meditation Camps (IPMC), open to native Indians, living or being born in other countries or continents and the international public as well.

Muni Kumar Shraman was involved in developing the Preksha logo, the posters, and the organisation of the IMPCs. His brother Lalith Dugar belongs to the IPMC organising committee.



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