Muni Neeraj Kumar

Updated on: 28.10.2015


Muni Niraj Kumar, Munishree Neeraj Kumar, Munishree Neeraj Kumarji


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Born: 24.01.1979 in Jaipur

Terapanth Info

ID: 768
Diksha: 27.10.1994 at New Delhi by Acharya Tulsi


Born 24th January 1979 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, he took Diksha in Adhyatma Sadhna Kendra, Delhi, on 27th October 1994 by Acharya Tulsi, whose last disciple he was. Now he is disciple of Acharya Mahaprajna.

He is descendant in 6. generation from 5. Terapanth Acharya, Acharya Maghrajji.

Since intitiation, he is in the group of Muni Kishan Lal. He is studying Sanskrit scriptures in depth, and is instructor of Jeevan Vigyan and Preksha Meditation. He practises Preksha Yoga as well.

His extraordinarily sweet voice reaches directly inside, when he is reciting the ancient songs, found during his studies of the scriptures. When he has discovered an ancient song, he indefatigably researches the tune of the song and practises until sound and words are coordinated perfectly.



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