2008-03 Editors’ Visit To London (1)

Posted: 19.03.2008
Updated on: 02.07.2015

6th-7th March 2008
Brunei Gallery Lecture Theater


Jaina Art & Architecture
10th Jaina Studies Workshop at SOAS

About two weeks before the event took place we spontaneously decided to participate in SOAS 10th Jaina Studies Workshop and booked flights to and accommodation in London. Fortunately there was one room left at Indian YMCA where also other participants were accommodated.

On Wednesday, 5th March, we early left home, witnessed a beautiful sunset, and shortly after arrival at the terminal, heavy snow showers. We were happy not to have to stay with winter in Berlin.

London was sunny and less cold than Berlin. At lunch time we arrived at Indian YMCA, got an energetic meal and made appointment for an afternoon visit to our friend Dinesh Shah. Our visit to JVB London had to be cancelled, as Samanijis still were in Delhi because of visa formalities and English language test. We talked to Mr. Manick Choraria of JVB London on phone, the responsible person for Samanijis visa applications. Mr. Choraria expects Samanijis back to London during the last week of March.

We then started for Mr. Dinesh Shah’s home in North West London. It took about 45 minutes, exactly the time we had been told. We happily looked forward to meet Mr Dinesh Shah and his family again. We know each other since quite some years.



Last year Mr. Dinesh Shah had informed us on his health problems after deciding to accept chemotherapy. One treatment already was finished; the second had started shortly before we came to London. He had told us to respond very well to chemotherapy, mainly because of the personal blessings of H.H. Acharya Mahaprajna and because he is following the advices given by H.H. in the book “Why meditate?”. We were impressed by his energetic voice and the good humour he showed when we called him from Berlin. Mr. Dinesh Shah lives with his family next door to his elder brother Shobhag and his wife. His brother suffered from an actual foot disease, resulting from a misstep some weeks ago. Still walking was difficult for him, and he was advised not to move too much his foot. Nevertheless, the two brothers were as good-humoured as we know them. We had talks in depth, and Dinesh shows an admirably positive attitude. And so does not only his brother, but the whole family. Parash Shah, Dinesh’s& Lati’s son, took photos when we all were gathered at their big table.



Dinesh’s wife Latika had prepared delicious snacks and offered her special Indian tea to us. Hopefully next time we all will sit around our big table in Berlin.



After two hours comfortably spent we got back to the centre where we arrived just in time for a meeting with other participants in the hall of Indian YMCA, which Dr. Peter Flügel, Chair of Jaina Studies at SOAS, had announced for those who already had arrived.




Dr. Flügel handed over to us the Jaina Studies Newsletter with a beautiful depiction of Goddess Saraswati on the front page. Dr. del Bontà who also was present had taken the photo of the image. We were acquainted with Prof. Maruti from India who was the lecturer of Annual Jain Lecture 2008, and with Prof. Veluppillai from Arizona. We enjoyed dinner together with nice talks at Indian YMCA, and then were very tired, as our day had started very early.




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